Kaufman & Spry and Other Notes…

KaufmanSpry Header

Well, I haven’t been on here much. Mostly just to push stuff for The Barnstormer. I’d like to be here more, like I was last year, but I’m busy with other projects, like working on my next book and doing some work for MTV’s Play with AJ, which has been a blast. Great crew on the show, and AJ could not possibly be nicer, kinder, more helpful and encouraging. The one project I’m most excited about, and where you’ll find the opinions, humour, ranting, and silliness that often appeared here, is on my new Internet radio show, Kaufman & Spry. The show, co-hosted by writer, journalist, and TSN 690 host Dave Kaufman, will be on live every Tuesday from 1-3 on Web Sports Media (soon to be re-branded and relaunched) and available for downloading and podcasting. We hope you’ll join us. The show is going to be informative, argumentative, funny, whimsical, and (insert favourite adjective here). We’ll be talking about culture, sports, literature, sports, everything… and be sure to have lots of music and live musical guests.

Anyway, I’ll try to come back here more often to update y’all on what’s going on. In the meantime, if you think about it, drop by The Barnstormer or Kaufman & Spry. I guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself.