The Week in Review – Feb. 5 to 11

So, I’ve got my first advertiser on the site, DisquietDzanc Book’s International Literary Program in Lisbon, which coincidentally I’ll be reading at this summer in Lisbon, Portugal (July 1 -13). You should come. Details on the events page, or by clicking the ad on the homepage. Now, a recap of the week that was: started with Bon Iver on SNL, then some Super Bowl, a full week of Canada Reads, and Saturday morning coffee with a Bill Callahan cover of Leonard Cohen. Aces.

Sunday – The Best Super Bowl Commercial Ever

Monday – Ardor Shining

Brady Pearson hadn’t been home in 37 months, but it had nothing to do with his mother’s cooking nor the taxidermied pheasant his father kept next to his recliner and occasionally fed goldfish crackers diluted in flat club soda. No, despite the fact that he loved his parents and adored dead birds, Brady hadn’t been home since his girlfriend Lila, his former girlfriend Lila, his former fiancé Lila, the very same Lila who had only 36 months earlier so readily and happily accepted an engagement ring, who had moments later changed her Facebook status to “engaged”, who had disappeared 35 weeks ago only to return four days later with a sleeve tattoo and guy named Chan who smelled like vinegar and kept calling Brady “Pepé”, who had left Brady for that very same Chan, and who had yet to return the engagement ring.

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Tuesday – Two Minutes for Being a Minority

I have wronged a good woman or three, so I know the difference between anger and hatred. I have seen it up close, and it is a tangible and violent emotion born of a fierce rage. But to have seen the manner in which the ACC faithful booed Subban, to have seen it from those in Philly and Boston and New York on television, the hopeful peacenik in me tried to resolve the spite and hostility as simply a part of pro sports.

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Wednesday – Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Horse Back

Thursday – Bon Iver – Holocene (Saturday Night Live 02.03.12)

Friday – Truth & Pettiness on Canada Reads

 For the most part, I’d rather stab myself in the eye with Margaret Atwood’s Long Pen than listen to a debate about CanLit. As you can imagine, my MA in English Literature was torturous, which is why I developed a dependency on bourbon and NeoCitran. It’s not that I don’t love Canadian writing, because I do. It’s not that I don’t like the Canadian writing community, because I have found it warm and accepting. It’s mostly because these debates tend to illuminate Canadian literature’s tendency to be insulated, precious, and protectionist. Also, there’s too many poems about wheat.

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Saturday – Bill Callahan – So Long, Marianne (Leonard Cohen cover)