Blatchford Solid Waste Drop-Off Depot

The last three days, this has become a down-with-Blatchford site, which I really don’t mind, and it has been great having you all visit. I’ll continue to comment on Ms. Blatchford, and other gasps of punditry. But, I’ll also be getting back to what I started this for. And that’s the fast-paced and high paying world of writing in Canada.

Anyway, below you’ll find a few items such as taking the time to honour with perspective, the Christie Blatchford Solid Waste Drop-Off Depot, a continuation of Minced Oaths, the Wikipedia definition of a beard, and some music for a Thursday.

Honour with Perspective

There’s a movement afoot to rename Yonge-Dundas Square in honour of Jack Layton. There are also calls to give him The Order of Canada.  I say we slow down a bit. We tend to mourn too quickly, accelerated by social media and non-stop unedited punditry and opinion.  To expedite the honour is disrespectful to the many many Canadians that have not been similarly commemorated. Where’s Mordecai Richler Square? Richler brought the question of being Canadian around the world and back, with a style and individuality that is rarely seen. And, I mean, what’s named after Trudeau? A horribly inconvenient airport everyone still calls Dorval? I understand it’s not a competition of accomplishment, but all I ask is that we take some time to mourn and measure our perspective.

I do, however, support the expedited renaming of the Bermondsey Solid Waste Drop-Off Depot to the Christie Blatchford Solid Waste Drop-Off Depot. Let’s get on that.

Minced Oaths cont’d

36. He laundered his shirts and dungarees. He dressed
to the nines. He trimmed his beard, and cut his hair.
The baristas took no notice.

37. If only he wasn’t as dumb as he believed.
He wanted to apologize, but he had forgotten her name,
her number, the colour of her hair, the taste of her neck.

38. “Regret,” she said, “was only useful if you had access
to a time machine.” She didn’t know of his work.
She didn’t know what he was capable of.

39. It was a song she loved. It filled her, and she wanted
to share it. As he moved away, she began to dance.
Alone. A flash mob of one.

40. The role of his best friend had been filled
by an endless stream of venerable character actors
he had just met. It was again time to recast.

Definitions (Wikipedia entries on simple things that make me laugh)

A beard is the collection of hair that grows on the chin, cheeks and neck, but not the upper lip, of human beings. Usually, only pubescent or adult males are able to grow beards. However, women with hirsutism may develop a beard. When differentiating between upper and lower facial hair, a beard specifically excludes the moustache, which refers to hair above the upper lip and around it.


The Muppets are the best. In an era of bad remakes (see: Arthur) if The Muppet Show doesn’t return to television, there ain’t no justice. The new Muppet film will hold me over for a while. Also, there are rumours of a Fraggle Rock movie. Yes, please.