Canadians Strongly Dislike Christie Blatchford

People do not like Christie Blatchford. I had assumed this before yesterday, but after I posted a brief response to her “editorial” on Jack Layton’s passing, over 1500 people visited this site. That’s slightly above the average visitors I get here for a peek at links to songs and poems-in-progress, along with the occasional llama reference. I believe I should have gone into political punditry and not the arts, but it’s too late for a career switch. Where the hell here you 1500 people ten years ago?  Could have saved me from reading all that Northrop Frye and hanging around grad students. Grad students are the worst.

Except, of course, for Christie Blatchford. It’s important, I believe, that those of us who were so distressed by her writing on Mr. Layton do not let up as the days pass. Working against the kind of nonsense that Ms. Blatchford, the National Post, Sun News et al. churn out is exactly the type of work that Mr. Layton’s NDP championed. An educated and informed dismantling of the Right’s policies while preaching and supporting a strong Left-rooted base of social programming and fiscal responsibility. So, here are a few places to go (hyperlinked) if you haven’t already to continue the dialogue, and support Mr. Layton’s legacy:

Oh, and of course, please send an email to Ms. Blatchford: