Minced Oaths cont’d: I’m Aware There Are Two 11s

11. At a pharmacy in Poughkeepsie, NY, February 2010:
Cold sore medication, condoms, Pepto Bismal.
The date went as expected.

11. It was late, and the bottles were empty.
He stole my last smoke, looked and me,
and said: “It’s all Veronicas, man. No Betties.”

12. She was a big fan of my sterility.
Every time she got her period,
she called to say how much she loved me.

14. They’re both online.
They each have avatars
of cats wearing cowboy hats.

15. I sent a drunk text to Betty, to make sure she knew
I was still alive. One to Veronica, too.
You know, just in case.


I’m headed home to Ottawa for a few days, which has made me nostalgic. It has been a while since I’ve seen the Ottawa kids. And even longer since we’ve all gone out for adult beverages. Too long. My favourite of people, they are. A fitting detour, kinda, as I was writing about Cobain this week, and these folks were with me for that era. Found myself jumping around YouTube, looking for songs from playlists of times gone by. Not that time so much, as just some songs that got lost in roommates collections, dead laptops, missing mixed tapes, scratched CDs, and the like. They’re after the jump, for those who care.