Marry Me, and Leave Kentucky

Minced Oaths

1. The thing is, we disagreed about Roman Polanski.
And timing. And the Designated Hitter.
2. She liked to come home and announce:
“I’m starving, do we have any gin?”
and finish our arguments with:
“but, baby, it’s not condescending
if I’m smarter than you.”
3. I thought I was a manic depressive,
but it turns out I just ate too much cheese.
And I was a manic depressive.
4. At her friend’s Halloween party,
where an obstetrician was dressed as a pediatrician,
she whispered: “sex shouldn’t be ironic,”
and was dressed as a girl I love.
5. It was 11:34 in the afternoon,
and I had said all the right things.
I live vicariously through myself.

3 Links & a Tune

I miss the Silver Jews. I hope David Berman puts out another book of poetry, as Actual Air is one of my favourite things in the history of time. Then, he should get the band back together so that he can pay his rent and I can get drunk by myself. Happily. Here’s “Tennessee” from their last show ever. If there’s better lyrics than “I saw the river playing in the valley/Rushing ’round a bend and skipping stones/I saw the meadow wobble in the moonlight/I’ve come to get my girl and take her home” I’m unaware of them.