I Have a Prestigious Blog, Sir!

The site, though new, hit an all-time high of 22 visitors today, though I fear that 2 of those were my mum, and the other 20 were me checking the site from a different browser. Which means, in essence, I’m talking to myself here. The day is still young, however, and maybe my dad will go online later.

In the meantime, here’s a brief list of things I don’t care about right now:

  1. The new Giller “fan” nomination.
  2. MPs who were members of the Bloc.
  3. TMZ.
  4. The US debt ceiling.
  5. Anything with vampires or werewolves or vampire werewolves.
  6. Music described as lush, or dream pop, or low-fi
What I do care about is Les Savy Fav covering Alice Cooper on a boat on Lake Michigan. Watch it here.