Problems with Flowers

In celebration of National Poetry Month I’ll be writing and posting a poem a day for the entirety of April. No haikus. Nothing about wheat, unless fermented. All of the poems can be found here.

Shhhhhh. Easy baby. Let’s all take a breath here and relax.
I know I said it would just be one drink.
But, Dave had some whiskey baby.
And you know what the whiskey does to me baby.

And, Mondays are two-for-one night at the Bush Company,
and you’re always telling me to be more financially responsible.
So to not stop in for a few adult beverages, some fried chicken,
and quick dance would’ve been working against our dream, baby.

Look, I know you’re angry, baby. I get that.
But let’s stop screaming and put down the blade, baby.
Let’s drop the knife, turn off the Ani DiFranco, and talk.
Don’t cry baby. Let me tell you why there’s no flowers.

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